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Promoting the benefits of moderation

December 08, 2016

Montreal, December 8, 2016 – After five years of awareness efforts designed to achieve the objectives of its five-year plan, Éduc’alcool can claim success: more than 60% of Quebecers are able to spontaneously identify the recommended daily drinking limits, and 80% can identify them with some prompting. What’s more, new social norms that Éduc’alcool has worked to promote – such as ...

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October 01, 2016

If you have young children, pre-teens or older teenagers, you are probably wondering how to behave with them and in front of them; what you should know so you can answer their questions and keep them informed; what you should say in certain situations. You will find below all necessary resources to help you in the process, coded by age category whenever relevant.

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@jpascal1980 @Justiciers Éduc'alcool recommande des LIMITES pas des objectifs de consommation.

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@jpascal1980 @Justiciers @Eric_ENERGIE Éduc'alcool n'a rien à vendre et chacun fait ce qu'il veut.

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Éduc'alcool drafts Hugo Girard to put some muscle into its fall moderation campaign

August 24, 2016

Montreal, August 24, 2016 - Hugo Girard, six-time Canada’s Strongest Man, is throwing his weight behind the Éduc’alcool campaign to promote moderation as Cegep and university students go back to class across Quebec. For the campaign poster, the man often compared to the legendary Louis Cyr portrays someone not particularly pleased to have been called a “douchebag” by a young person ...

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Blood Alcohol Calculator

This tool helps you anticipate your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on how much you expect to drink in order to control your alcohol intake and make the most responsible decisions.

Standard drink pourer

This test allows you to put into practice your knowledge of what is a standard drink; whether its alcohol content is beer, wine, fortified wine, spirits or cider. Learn more by watching the video.


Québec's approach to alcohol regulation should be health-driven, not money-driven

August 04, 2016

It is troubling that the Quebec government has chosen to treat alcohol as if it were furniture or shoes. Alcohol is no ordinary product. A recent example of its approach is found in its Regulatory and Administrative Streamlining Action Plan, which includes a series of measures on alcohol that illustrate the money-driven rather than the health-driven approach of our government. The plan ...

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Campagne 2340 : C’est reparti !

February 28, 2013

Janvier 2013 marque la relance de la campagne d’Éduc’alcool sur la promotion des niveaux de consommation d’alcool à faible risque. Notre organisme, qui a tiré des leçons de la campagne de l’an dernier, a suivi à la lettre les orientations déterminées par son conseil d’administration pour la poursuite de ce plan quinquennal. Rappelons qu’Éduc’alcool avait décidé de ...

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Alcohol hangover

Alcohol hangover

No matter where, no matter when, you can pretty much count on the fact that some people who drink are going to wake up one morning badly hung over. Why? Well, duh. Because they drank too much the night before.

Hosting know-how

Hosting know-how

Keep a clear head. Don't drink too much! As the host, you'll stay on top of the situation and avoid potential problems when you're able to think clearly and react quickly. Think ahead. Have a plan for dealing with ...

Individual vulnerability

Individual vulnerability

When it comes to alcohol, we are not all born equal. Genetic heritage, weight and age are among the important factors we must all consider when figuring out what "moderate drinking" means for us.

Pregnancy and drinking: your questions answered

Pregnancy and drinking: your questions answered

Answers to some of the most common questions asked by pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant.

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Éduc'alcool is an independent, not-for-profit organization.

Its members are parapublic institutions, alcoholic beverage industry associations and individuals from various milieus (public health, education, journalism), who, fully of aware of their social responsibility, implement information, education and prevention programs designed to help young people and adults make enlightened, responsible decisions about drinking.

Éduc'alcool's commitment is accurately reflected in its slogan: La modération a bien meilleur goût / Moderation is always in good taste.

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