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June 05, 2014

These recommended drinking limits aim to reduce long-term health risks. Advise clients: To have some non-drinking days every week to minimize tolerance and habit formation. Not to increase drinking to the upper limit, since health benefits are greatest at less than 1 drink per day. That adults with reduced tolerance (whether due to low body weight, being under 25, or over 65, or ...

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October 21

Educ'alcool @educalcool

Savez-vous combien vous buvez? Savez-vous ce qu'est un verre standard? Quiz: http://t.co/ucabWIJXVv

October 21



May 14, 2014

Organizations that deal with cancer often issue guidelines that are different from those developed for the general population. For example, they advise women to have no more than one drink a day, rather than two, and they recommend that men have no more than two drinks a day, as opposed to three. They also say that abstinence is the best choice. The data showing that just one drink a day ...

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Blood Alcohol Calculator

This tool helps you anticipate your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on how much you expect to drink in order to control your alcohol intake and make the most responsible decisions.

Alcohol hangover

Is it possible that, even after “sleeping it off,” even after all the alcohol you’ve drunk has been metabolized by your body, even if your blood alcohol level is back to zero, you might ...


Notable decline in alcohol consumption in Quebec

April 17, 2014

Statistics Canada has just released their latest data on alcohol sales in Quebec and Canada1 and, according to Éduc’alcool’s analysis, three things stand out with regard to Quebec: It’s the province showing the greatest decline in volume per capita over the last year - down 0.3 litres of alcohol per capita. It ranks second among provinces where drinkers consume the least, with ...

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Campagne 2340 : C’est reparti !

February 28, 2013

Janvier 2013 marque la relance de la campagne d’Éduc’alcool sur la promotion des niveaux de consommation d’alcool à faible risque. Notre organisme, qui a tiré des leçons de la campagne de l’an dernier, a suivi à la lettre les orientations déterminées par son conseil d’administration pour la poursuite de ce plan quinquennal. Rappelons qu’Éduc’alcool avait décidé de ...

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Alcohol hangover

Alcohol hangover

No matter where, no matter when, you can pretty much count on the fact that some people who drink are going to wake up one morning badly hung over. Why? Well, duh. Because they drank too much the night before.

Random breath testing

Random breath testing

In December 2010, the Québec National Assembly passed Bill 71 amending the Highway Safety Code. With regard to drinking and driving, the law states that drivers 21 and younger are subject to the “zero tolerance” rule and that all ...

Hosting know-how

Hosting know-how

Keep a clear head. Don't drink too much! As the host, you'll stay on top of the situation and avoid potential problems when you're able to think clearly and react quickly. Think ahead. Have a plan for dealing with ...

Individual vulnerability

Individual vulnerability

When it comes to alcohol, we are not all born equal. Genetic heritage, weight and age are among the important factors we must all consider when figuring out what "moderate drinking" means for us.

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Éduc'alcool is an independent, not-for-profit organization.

Its members are parapublic institutions, alcoholic beverage industry associations and individuals from various milieus (public health, education, journalism), who, fully of aware of their social responsibility, implement information, education and prevention programs designed to help young people and adults make enlightened, responsible decisions about drinking.

Éduc'alcool's commitment is accurately reflected in its slogan: La modération a bien meilleur goût / Moderation is always in good taste.

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