Board of Directors

Éduc’alcool is administered by an eight-person Board of Directors: Richard Gagnon, président, Alain Bolduc, vice-président, Hughes Latulippe, secrétaire, Stéphane Garon, trésorier, Raymond Lemieux, Christian Hébert, Julie Fortin et Karine Bertrand, all representing the institutions, associations and individuals involved in Éduc’alcool.

The Board makes all decisions regarding the orientation, administration, financing and approval of Éduc’alcool projects. It reports to the membership at an Annual General Meeting.

General Management

Director general Hubert Sacy is responsible for coordinating Éduc’alcool activities, including the organization’s programs and campaigns. He oversees all projects and partnerships, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. He also represents Éduc’alcool on coordinating bodies, joint committees, task forces and in various other circumstances.


Éduc’alcool is funded by the fees paid by its institutional members: promotion agents, distillers, cider producers, winegrowers and wine producers. Their fees are based on each member’s alcoholic beverage sales. This fulfills their legal obligations under articles 19, 20 and 23 of the Regulation respecting promotion, advertising and educational programs relating to alcoholic beverages, allowing them to obtain their certificate of compliance, issued annually by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.

For institutional members who sell their products through the SAQ, the SAQ acts as agent and collects the fees from sales of those products. Institutional members who do not sell their products through the SAQ pay their fees directly to Éduc’alcool.