A wonderful initiative led by Kelsey Bissonnette: Donation to Éduc’alcool by the Saint-Jérôme Scorpions

Today Kelsey Bissonnette, Director of the Saint-Jérôme Scorpions Cheerleading Squad, made a donation to Éduc’alcool, which gave the organization 10% of the revenue of her team’s most recent show.

In fact, in memory of a friend killed by a drunk driver, the young woman created a choreography that was presented at the show. She also designed a questionnaire and asked the audience questions to measure their knowledge about alcohol and its effects. Following that, the cheerleaders revealed the answers written on giant cardboard signs.

For Éduc’alcool, Ms. Bissonnette’s initiative is very admirable. Not only has she shown an incredible sense of responsibility, but, by involving young cheerleaders on this great adventure, she has also contributed to raising their awareness, and educated them in the process.