Benefits Campaign 2019


January 2019 – Two years after changing gears from promoting awareness of the low-risk drinking guidelines to promoting their benefits, Éduc’alcool has launched the third and final phase of its campaign, which builds on the success of last year’s efforts.

The results thus far are nothing short of stellar:

  • 68% of Quebecers have been reached by the campaign. The standard reach is 45%.
  • The approval rate is 78%, higher than the average 70%.
  • We’re closing the gap between Francophones and Anglophones: down from 30% to 15%.
  • Comprehension is very high at 84%, far above the average of 50%, and up 11 points over last year.
  • Spontaneous recall of the daily drinking limits (2 and 3) is improving significantly, up 10 points (from 49% to 59%) for women and up 12 points (from 42% to 54%) for men.
  • Éduc’alcool’s brand awareness now stands at 85%.
  • Awareness of the Éduc’alcool slogan, La modération a bien meilleur goût/Moderation is always in good taste is over 93% among Francophones and close to 86% for the overall population of Quebec.
  • Éduc’alcool enjoys a credibility rating of 97%.

“We have clearly achieved the objectives of our awareness campaign. But we still have some work to do in getting drinkers to put their knowledge into practice. It’s not enough to know what the low-risk drinking guidelines are: you have to follow them. One in four Quebec drinkers exceeds the recommended limits at least once a month, so that’s the focus of our campaigns now,” says Éduc’alcool Director General Hubert Sacy.


In its ongoing efforts to convince people to follow the guidelines with which they are already familiar, Éduc’alcool is promoting the benefits of sticking to the recommended drinking limits.

This phase of the advertising campaign, which is inspired by the testimonials of ordinary Quebecers but founded on rigorous scientific data, highlights four major benefits: better sleep, better weight management, improved fitness and improved concentration at work.

Other benefits to be included in viral campaigns and other media are not always having to be the designated driver, enjoying more fully what you drink and having the means to drink better quality products, being more patient, and enjoying a better love life.

Instead of the gorilla and porcupines of last year, this year’s campaign features a fox who explains how he got his groove back after a few setbacks, and a couple of turkeys who get back in shape and survive the holidays to live another year.

The campaign will be on television, in movie theatres, online, in social media, on blogs, and in TV sponsorship spots. Two radio ads, featuring a beaver and a draft horse who regain their energy, focus and fitness from sticking to the drinking guidelines, will air on English-language radio. A print campaign intended for regular drinkers has also been launched and will be seen in publications such as those available at alcoholic beverage shows and festivals. The Éduc’alcool publication, 8 benefits of moderate drinking, is available free and can be downloaded here.

Click here for the campaign microsite.