Éduc’alcool creates a new logo for low-risk drinking

From some years now, Éduc’alcool has been promoting low-risk drinking. A hugely popular publication in the Alcohol and Health series – which can be downloaded or ordered anywhere in Quebec – is already having an enormous impact.

However, with episodes of occasional excessive drinking on the rise in Quebec, Éduc’alcool is hoping to deflect the trend by launching a campaign to promote low-risk drinking. The campaign spells out exactly what moderation means: for women, two drinks a day (10 a week) and for men, three drinks a day (15 a week).

These figures already appear in Éduc’alcool campaigns and always feature prominently in our institutional advertising.

Now they have their own logo. We have created an easy-to-recognize visual representation of the recommended limits, i.e. “2 for women” and “3 for men.

A stand-alone version of the logo shows the male and female figures with numbers for heads and the word MODERATION below. A simple version (without the word MODERATION) is used in campaigns and explanatory copy.

Both logos are registered trademarks and the legal property of Éduc’alcool.