To prevent drunk driving: Éduc’alcool launches the english version of its blood-alcohol content calculator for iPhone

Éduc’alcool has launched today the English version of its most advanced and sophisticated blood-alcohol content (BAC) calculator for iPhone*. The extremely user-friendly application also serves to educate and raise awareness. It is available free at the Éduc’alcool website ( and the Apple App Store (search: Éduc’alcool).

With the BAC calculator, users can calculate their approximate blood-alcohol content, in advance or in real time, based on how much they are drinking or planning to drink. This allows people to control their alcohol intake and make better decisions. The calculator is also a helpful guide and reminder to those who choose to drink. What’s more, the application can handle multiple profiles and monitor the BAC of several people at once.

The easy-to-use app (see instructions attached) calculates changing blood-alcohol levels from the first drink until the alcohol has been completely eliminated. It takes into account the drinker’s sex and weight, the number of hours over which the alcohol is absorbed, and the quantity, type of drinks and percentage alcohol being ingested.

When the first drink is entered, a point appears on the graph and the BAC is displayed. The colour will depend on the BAC (under 0.05 = green, between 0.05 and 0.08 = orange, over 0.08 = red).

Éduc’alcool’s goal is to provide Quebecers with a practical, user-friendly tool they can carry with them at all times to help them control their alcohol intake, whether or not they are driving. All the research shows that drivers typically underestimate their blood-alcohol content and that drinkers systematically underestimate the amount they are drinking. Educ’alcool has developed more than just a BAC calculator. It is also a tool to increase awareness about the importance of drinking moderately and a reminder to drivers to be even more careful before they get behind the wheel.

Unique functions

A number of functions make this revolutionary application truly unique. They include:

  • A real-time BAC calculator
  • A graph showing changes in BAC
  • Multiple users
  • One-click links to a variety of transportation options
  • Drinking history
  • Alerts and badges that notify users, depending on their drinking habits
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Highly intuitive, user-friendly interface

For example, some badges congratulate people the more they use the calculator. Other badges remind people of how much they are drinking, and offer either congratulations or warnings. Behaviour alerts are also included.

A particularly helpful function is one-click access to Opération Nez rouge, taxi companies, and the location of the nearest bus and metro stops.

It goes without saying that the data is provided for information purposes only and has no legal value. Moreover, Éduc’alcool states clearly that the calculator is NOT intended to help people rationalize how much they can drink before they drive. On the contrary: Éduc’alcool firmly believes that it is better not to drink at all if you are going to drive. Remember that, in Quebec, the legal BAC limit is 0 for drivers who are 21 or younger, and for professional drivers who are transporting other people (e.g. chauffeurs, bus drivers, taxi drivers, etc.).

Éduc’alcool hopes that a maximum number of Quebecers will use the new app to remind them to behave responsibly and remember that moderation is always in good taste.

How to use the Éduc’Alcool BAC calculator for iPhone

  • 1. Download the app for free at or go to the Apple App Store and search “Éduc’alcool.”
  • 2. Once the app is installed, create your user profile, entering your name, weight and sex.
  • 3. When your profile has been created, click on the “Calculator” icon in the lower left-hand corner.
  • 4. To begin entering your drinks, click on a drink and drag it onto the graph.
  • 5. Enter when you have each drink by clicking the appropriate time on the graph. Note that you can move the time line from left to right.
  • 6. You can cancel an entry before it is entered on the graph by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner.
  • 7. After you enter a drink, a point will appear on the graph and your blood-alcohol content will be displayed at the top. The colour of the display will depend on your BAC (under 0.05 = green, between 0.05 and 0.08 = orange, over 0.08 = red).
  • 8. When you enter a drink, message may appear, depending on how and how much you are drinking.
  • 9. To check when your BAC will be below the legal limit for driving in Quebec (0.08), move the graph to the left.

The session ends after 6 hours of inactivity following the entry of the last drink.

The Éduc’alcool blood-alcohol content calculator was developed by Inpix.

(*) app has been removed from Google and Apple’s online stores.