Moderation in 4 numbers: 2-3-4-0

Quebecers know the Éduc’alcool slogan « Moderation is always in good taste » and many practice it. Unfortunately, with the increase in consumption in the last ten years, it becomes important to “number” the moderation.

Yes, alcohol is sexist: women who want to avoid problems should limit their consumption to two drinks per day and 10 per week. For men, it is three drinks per day and 15 per week. This is the 2-3.

We can also, from time to time, drink some more. At a special occasion, women can take three drinks and men four drinks. Provided that such “special occasions” is not too often. This is the 3-4.

Finally, to avoid habituation, it is recommended to refrain at least one day a week. This is 0.

The formula 2-3-4-0 is not magic. It does not replace your judgment. But every time you transgress it, you increase your risks. It is not certain that you will have problems, but it’s risky.

And especially do not drink alcohol as if it was the last time in your life that you are drinking. Rest assured: there will always be other opportunities to celebrate.

Hubert Sacy
Éduc’alcool’s Director General