Is Éduc'alcool a government agency?
No. Éduc’alcool is a private, independent, not-for-profit organization. One paragovernmental organization, the Société des alcools du Québec, is a member, but that does not make it a government agency.
What's the difference between Éduc'alcool and the SAQ? Are they one and the same?
Absolutely not. The two organizations are completely separate, both legally and operationally. The SAQ is a member of Éduc’alcool, but Éduc’alcool is run by an eight-member board of directors, and only one director is from the SAQ.
I'd like to order some publications. Are they free?
All Éduc’alcool publications are free for individuals and organizations in Quebec. We do reserve the right to limit quantities, however, depending on our inventories and our assessment of how you will be using the materials.
How many copies may I order?
You may order as many copies as you need for your particular use. That is why we ask what you will be doing with the material you order. Éduc’alcool reserves the right to assess whether the quantity you have ordered is appropriate.
Is Éduc'alcool the organization that runs those campaigns about drinking and driving?
Éduc’alcool has developed a program for student drivers called “Drinking. Driving. Making the right choice.” which is run in cooperation with driving schools in Quebec. However, we do not run advertising campaigns against drunk driving. Those campaigns are generally organized by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec.
I'm drinking too much. Can Éduc'alcool help me?
If you are having no more than 35 drinks a week, Éduc’alcool can refer you to the Alcochoix+ program that it promotes. However, we are not a treatment agency, so if you drink more than that, all we can do is recommend that you speak to your family physician.
I'd like to get involve with Éduc'alcool because I have a drinking problem. How can I do that?
Éduc’alcool is an organization involved in prevention and education. People join in order to promote responsible, moderate drinking and to make an active contribution to that end. They do not join to solve their drinking problems. This is neither our mission nor our area of expertise. If you have a drinking problem, you should speak to your doctor.
I would like someone from Éduc'alcool to come to our school to talk about your programs and mission. Is that possible?
Unfortunately, Éduc’alcool has very limited resources, and we are unable to make presentations on the organization and its mission. To find out more about us, please visit our website. A number of Éduc’alcool programs may be within easy access. You may be on the itinerary of the Party sans déraper youth tour we run every fall in cooperation with Operation Nez Rouge. You can also sign up for the Éduc’alcool Just For Laughs comedy improv competition (French only). Teachers in your school may be using our You Be the Judge program. And you can go online to access the À toi de jouer program (French only).