Institutional members

Éduc’alcool members come from five main industries, represented by their respective organizations:

  • Wine: Association des négociants embouteilleurs de vins du Québec, Association des vignerons indépendants du Québec, Association des vignerons du Québec and licensed wine producers who sell their products through the SAQ
  • Cider: Les Producteurs de cidre du Québec and licensed cider producers who sell their products through the SAQ
  • Spirits: Québec Chapter of Spirits Canada and licensed distillers who sell their products through the SAQ
  • Promotion and representation: Association du Québec des agences de vins, bières et spiritueux and agents who promote products sold by the SAQ
  • Import, distribution and retail sales: Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ)


Adherents are individuals and organizations that share Éduc’alcool’s values and approach, and believe in promoting moderation in drinking. They make an essential contribution in terms of commitment, expertise and experience. Three adherents sit on the Board of Directors, ensuring balance and broadening the scope of its concerns and viewpoints.


All Éduc’alcool members are volunteers. They share a fundamental belief in the partnership that must exist between government institutions, industry organizations, individuals who work in the university and public health milieus, and influential people from society at large. Éduc’alcool is a place of consensus and convergence, dedicated to its mission to improve Quebecers’ relationship to alcohol.