It all comes down to common sense

There are some things you just “don’t do”—like show up drunk for a first date or a job interview. That should be so obvious that no one in their right mind would even think of doing it.

The same is true when it comes to alcohol. Drinking till you’re drunk should be on your “do not do” list, right up there with things you wouldn’t even think of doing. That’s the message that Éduc’alcool is sending young people in the form of a humor-based campaign.

Regardless of what people might claim, having more than two drinks a day if you’re a woman—or three drinks a day if you’re a guy—is just plain bad for your health.

Those numbers might seem really low. But they’re based on rigorous scientific findings, and they’re what experts recommend after reviewing extensive research from all over the world. Health and prevention organizations throughout the country agree with these numbers too.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to die if you have more than two or three drinks. But it does mean that you’ll be doing yourself harm—and you may not even notice it. Getting trashed once in a while is actually more detrimental to your health than drinking regularly in moderation.

Some things in life come with limits. Using alcohol wisely is one of them—and moderation is always in good taste.

The creative strategy for this campaign was developed by a group of Université Laval communications students taking part in a six-team competition within their faculty. Team members were Cynthia Côté, Alexandra Lafond, and William Henry.