Not easy to take a position on random breath testing to combat driving while impaired. On the other hand, indeed, one cannot be insensitive to the fundamental rights and freedoms and it is fortunate that in our country, we have safeguards against arbitrariness. On the other hand, we could do so much better for driving while impaired by increasing the perception that we will be penalized if we drive drunk and that it had to be decided somewhere.

The random breath testing is an automatic detection measurement that allows the police to ask drivers to submit to a test, without having a reason to suspect the presence of alcohol in their bodies. It differs from selective breath testing, currently allowed, which allows police to request a breath test for drivers if they suspect them of having an alcohol concentration in the blood exceeding the legal limit.

However, the RBT has helped improve road safety in areas where they were implanted and Éduc’alcool has always maintained that before changing the blood alcohol level for driving, we need to increase the feeling that we will get caught while impaired and need to simplify police operations.

That’s why we should support the application of the Quebec government to make legal the random breath testing as a measure to prevent accidents due to alcohol abuse, road safety and for improving road safety record.

Hubert Sacy
Éduc’alcool’s Director General